5 easy ways to make your home cosy for winter

It’s getting chilly outside and we’re starting to layer up and prepare ourselves for winter. But what about our homes? Making a little effort to give your home that cosy feel is so worth it. It makes such a difference. Especially as it looks like it’s going to be a looooooong winter of hanging out mostly in our homes! Here are my top five tips for making your home as cosy as possible.

Banish overhead lighting

There is nothing that makes a room feel less cosy than bright overhead light, even if it’s from your beautiful chandelier. Cosy lighting is all about creating pockets of light around the room. You really want at least three, even four or five different light sources from floor or table lamps. Actually, one of my favourite things about the days getting darker is being able to get all my side lamps on, it makes me feel warm and happy every time I walk into a room. If you don’t have my occasional lights, I really advise getting some. You can get really well priced ones from Made and Sostrene Grene, or if you want to splash out a bit more, these are some of my favourite spots for lovely lighting – Mullan Lighting, Graham and Green, Rockett St George and CA Design . 

Get some soft textures into your home

There are some textures in particular that really evoke that cosy feel and make you winter ready, sheepskin is possibly my favourite. Layering some of these on your sofas and chairs (even over your dining chairs) adds a gorgeous bit of luxury and they don’t have to cost a fortune. Ikea have some really well priced ones and sometimes you might get lucky in TK Maxx. You can also get sheepskin made into all sorts of things from stools to cushions, for the latter H&M and Zara Home often have some lovely options.


Candlelight is not just for romance

Candles give the most beautiful soft light, a couple can easily count as one of your pockets of light (see point one). But more than just the light, scented candles can completely change how you feel when you enter a room. This is one thing I wouldn’t get the cheapest version of. I’m not saying we have to all go out and buy Diptyque (although these are always on my Christmas list!) but something mid range – CA Design and Rockett St George have some lovely ones. If you get the cheaper ones, they just tend to make your house smell like you’ve put loads of those horrible smelly things that they hang in cars all around your house. I really wouldn’t advise. Candlelight and an evocative smell are super important for that cosy feel we’re looking for in Winter.


Think about foliage

Feeling like your home is winter ready is all about setting the scene, and the plants and blooms you choose are a really important part of that. Bringing the outside in is predominantly a summer thing (for obvious reasons!) but I think it’s nice to think about this in the colder months too. In Autumn, think about getting some branches with some beautiful Autumnal leaves into arrangements in your home. In winter some evergreen branches and thistles. Decorating your home with seasonal foliage in these colder months evokes the feel of that season even when you’re indoors, which is so important.


Colour for winter

As important as the feel for creating that cosy feel, is the colour palette. If you’re looking at adding accessories to your home in winter, look at rich darker jewel tones and darker colours in general. Bright colours work better in spring and summer, we’re just mentally more in tune with these colours in the brighter months. Warm, darker colours invite us in and make your home feel like somewhere you want to hunker down in, which is more important than ever for this winter we have ahead of us (thanks Covid).


And that’s it! My five cheap and cheerful ways to get your home so cosy you’ll be delighted you can’t leave it! (OK probably not)

Keep safe and keep well this winter everyone. ❤️