Design Led Women – Emma Jane Palin

Emma Jane Palin



Interior Stylist

Multi-award-winning Blogger


The second woman in our Design Led Women series is Emma Jane Palin. We discovered Emma via her very stylish Instagram feed (https://www.instagram.com/emmajanepalin/) a while ago.  She has the coolest style (interiors and clothes) and the best gallery walls on the gram.  One of our favourite things about her feed though is that it’s all about making your rental home one you love.  We love the whole idea of “championing renters” as Emma puts it.  Once the full Design Led platform is built out, we want to dedicate a whole area to ways to make your home fab if you’re renting.


We’re also seriously loving her latest Insta feed @thecitynatives featuring Emma and her boyfriend having some fun with their clothes and entertaining us all in the process.  It’s all very Wes Anderson and we can’t get enough. 

In this interview, Emma encourages any budding entrepreneurs out there to step out your comfort zone and put yourself out there.  She also explores the idea that we’re not necessarily set for one career, there’s nothing wrong with changing direction.  Her house is packed full of amazing art and there’s a serious nod to the 70s with her furniture and styling.  Have a read to see how she got to where she is and see her beautiful home. 

Tell us about your brand and business?


I’m a freelance writer, interior stylist and multi-award-winning blogger residing in the lovely Costa del Margate with my boyfriend and dog, George. I consider myself a multi-hyphenate, which means I have a versatile range of skills, but I predominantly focus on interior styling and art consultations for both my blog and brands. I also write regularly for design site Hunker about trends and ways to improve your home.

How have you designed your life to create one that you love? 


I’ve essentially just gone with the flow throughout my entire career. If I haven’t enjoyed something, I’ve learnt from that and moved on. I paid my dues in PR and Marketing for around five years, while also blogging and working on my personal brand in the evenings. It was hard work, but I have that time to thank for how versatile my skillset is, and how many opportunities it has brought me. I don’t think that we’re ever entirely fulfilled with our lives as our priorities change over time – I think it’s important to acknowledge that we’re not set out for one career in our, hopefully very long lives, and it’s okay to change direction or start from scratch if you’re not digging it.

What have been the lows and highs of your journey?


I’ve had so many low points over the years, the majority of which I’ve never shared as I prefer to have a positive outlook. I’ve experienced burnout a number of times where I’ve overworked myself and I’ve also experienced some mild anxiety from a short-term contract job. That was something I’d never experienced in my professional career at the time and it was a shock.


In reality though, I’d never change any of those lows – they have all been learning curves and have in turn informed some of the highs of my journey. I’m grateful to my past for making me a strong and confident woman that isn’t afraid to say how she feels. I’ve also got really strong ethics from seeing things badly handled in the industry. I’d like to think that I’d make a good boss if my business goes in that direction.

Any top tips for budding entrepreneurs/creators out there?


Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and make a mark on everyone you meet. I’ve forced myself to exude confidence over the years. You’d never believe how shy I was at school. Sometimes just putting on a great outfit can make all the difference, even if you feel like it’s a little too much. Standing out is much better than blending in.

Finally, can you tell us about one or two favourite spots in your home?  What do you love about them?


My living room and bedroom are my two different rooms in my home. We have a vintage orange velvet sofa from the 70s that we picked up off of eBay and I just adore curling up on it. I also love my rattan bed which is a fresh take on a seventies design. I just love how fresh but statement it is. 


Even though our home is rented, we’ve really made it feel like ours and I’m so happy that we’ve got to spend so much time giving it lots of love in the past year. That’s been one of the perks of lockdown for sure.