Design Led Women – Michelle Ogundehin

Michelle Ogundehin

Author of Happy Inside: How to Harness the power of Home for Health and Happiness



Television Presenter

Photo by Ben Anders

Michelle has been on our radar since her days editing Elle Decoration, our all-time favourite interiors mag.   Since then we’ve been inspired by her beautifully curated Instagram feed – https://www.instagram.com/michelleogundehin/ – and watched her on Interior Design Masters. 

We’re so inspired by the message she explores in her new book that looks at how your surroundings affect your wellbeing.  It’s so closely aligned with our ethos of a happy home as the foundation for a happy life. Click the image if you fancy getting yourself a copy.

In this interview, Michelle’s digs into how being intentional has helped her create a life she loves, and for those of you thinking of embarking on a creative journey of your own, she talks about what she thinks the world needs more of.  Finally she gives us a little peek into her beautiful home. 

Tell us about your brand and business?


My business is sharing my passion and expertise about the link between environment and wellbeing. This is something I believe to be as fundamental to good health and happiness as nutritious food and exercise, and yet it’s often overlooked. And right now, it’s probably more important than ever as we’re spending so much time at home. My medium is my writing, talks, books and TV. In this way, my brand is me. I live and breathe every aspect of my #happyinside philosophy, and I’d like to think that my great sleep, vitality and energy are testament to the fact that it works!

How have you designed your life to create one that you love? 


By being intentional about it. Not to imply that it’s been a straight and easy path. I’ve definitely made mistakes along the way but because I see them as steps on the road to experience, I bounce back more determined, more informed, and more resilient each time. For sure I’ve needed moments to hibernate and self-care, but onwards and upwards is my catch phrase! Life is all about choices — I consciously choose optimism, encouragement and empowerment.

What have been the lows and highs of your journey?


I think that would be a terribly reductive way to reflect on my life so far. I don’t see it as a journey of highs and lows, it’s just my path, which has made me who I am today, perfectly imperfect. And I like this current version of me, so I figure it’s working out alright!

Any top tips for budding entrepreneurs/creators out there?


Just do it, whatever it is in your heart. However, first ask yourself if what you want to create is adding something that’s needed to the world. What is your motivation? We don’t need more stuff, furniture or objects. We don’t need more books, podcasts or magazines churning out the same old narratives. But there’s always a hunger for the genuinely innovative and original, or thoughts that provoke introspection and reconsideration. I believe the world makes room for positive creative provocateurs like this.

Finally, can you tell us about one or two favourite spots in your home?  What do you love about them?


According to the principles of my book, Happy Inside: How to Harness the Power of Home for Health and Happiness, every area of my home is a place that supports and sustains me. I’m surrounded by the colours, finishes, textures and things that lift my soul and make my heart sing. But if pressed for a favourite spot, then probably my study, because the desk at which I write faces the front garden, in particular, a tree in which multiple bird feeders hang. So, I work to the gentle accompaniment of birdsong. Otherwise, it’d be my bedroom, as it’s an incredibly soothing place in which to start and finish each day.

Michelle at home in her study (Photo by Victoria Adamson)