Find your Interior Style

On the Design Led platform, we’re going to have the rooms you can customise categorised according to different styles. So you’ll choose something from the ‘Dark and Glam’ section, or the ‘Modern Chic’ section etc.  I’ve had some really interesting conversations with people over the last couple of weeks around this.  Some people love the idea of being able to put a name or phrase to what they like whilst others really don’t like having to put their style into a box like that. 

I’m going to put my two cents in. 😊

I think using words to understand what your style is can be really helpful. I have often heard clients say I know what I like when I see it but I don’t know how to describe it.  If you know that the commonly used term for the look that you’re drawn to is eclectic, or bohemian, or modern chic etc, then it will make it easier for you to start building up an image bank of what you like that you can start drawing inspiration from.  It’s easier to find the pieces of furniture and accessories that you love. In short, I think labelling helps! 

So I’m going to list below what I think the main types of interiors looks are and what I think they describe.  If you think the description sounds like you, then I’d be surprised if you didn’t find a good few images you like if you put this phrase into Pinterest. And remember, there’s no reason you have to pick just one. Some of the best rooms are a blend of styles, but it’s useful to know what these styles are so you can mix with purpose.

Disclaimer: This is not a perfect science (and there’s an element of subjectivity in it of course) but it’s a great place to start if you’re stuck!

Interior Styles (according to me!)

Modern Chic

Suzie McAdam


This is a quite feminine look with structured furniture, it’s generally a slightly more formal look. There are often a lot of curves in the shapes used as well as a statement chair or two in the mix and some interesting/glam lighting. 

Dark & Glam


This is what it says on the tin.  Dark walls, plenty of reflective accents adding a bit of glam, be that a glass chandelier or a brass sconce.  Often a rich jewel colour or two on the furniture. Plenty of ‘stuff’ in this look, more is more. It’s a true maximalist feel.

Suszi Saunders


Jellina Det Mar


A more masculine look with brown leather and harder lines, this style likes rectangles and squares and crittal doors.  There’s an element of rawness to this look – unpainted bricks; raw, often distressed wood.  The lighting tends to look like it used to live in a factory – think patinated metals and bare bulbs.

Vintage Traditional

 Also known as traditional with a twist. This style favours a quite traditional look (obviously!) but with interesting vintage pieces and the odd high octane modern pattern thrown in.  Again, there’s usually plenty of ‘stuff’ as well as patterns, this is not a minimalist look!

Pierce & Ward


Theo Bert Pot


This can be dark, light or colourful and is, I’d say, the hardest style to pull off well. It’s for those that like lots of different styles mixed together. An industrial pendant hanging over a glam marble table; five different styles of furniture in the one room. It’s absolutely gorgeous when it’s done right.

Modern Minimalism

This is an uber pared back look with architectural lighting and interesting shapes in the furniture and art. It’s a very modern look that lets the feature pieces in the room do the talking. Every item put into the space is carefully thought about, there is zero stuff anywhere! (How do people with children do this look?) The palette can be minimal as with vibrant colours in it, as in the image below. The minimalism isn’t about the palette so much as the things in the room.

Giuliano Andrea dell'Uva

California Cool

Elsie Larson

 A very laid back, sunny look that has lots of natural materials like rattan, and plenty of plants. Generally light/white walls although there is often a pop of colour somewhere, be this from a flash of wallpaper or coloured sofa. There’s generally some gorgeous mid century furniture and frequently a touch of glam thrown in by way of a pendant or accessory.