Our Mission


Hi, I’m Lisa. I’m an interior designer on a mission to make a beautiful home possible for everyone.

I’ve seen first-hand what a difference it makes when people are given the opportunity to create a home they love, one that feels like theirs. I think having a home you love, that you’re proud of and that feels like yours is one of the pillars of a happy life. I wanted to find a way to help more people have this that I could with my traditional design studio designing person to person.

I consulted with experts in the tech and gaming fields and found a way to take:


  •  All the design knowledge from my years of designing
  • All my contacts in my little black book
  • All my tried and tested design methods

And put them together in digital form using cutting edge 3d gaming and visualisation technology.

The result is Design Led.  A platform that lets you create a home a home that is uniquely yours, designed by you but guided by professional designers.


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