What is Design Led all about?

We're letting you access all the knowledge and skills of an interior designer, whilst giving you complete control over your home design.

We know that you want a home you can be proud of.  A home that feels like yours when you step through the door.  And we know that you want to create it yourself.
Design Led is a platform that will help you do all of these things.  It will transform how we design our homes. 
Why don’t you have a watch of our demo video and you’ll see how it’s all going to work. 😊
The first version of the platform will be ready in Autumn 2021 and you’ll be able to design your living room using Design Led.   We’ll be developing out the rest of the platform next year until you can design any room in your home using Design Led. 

If you want to be in our test group to use the Design Led prototype, just sign up below.