What is Design Led all about?

We're letting you access all the knowledge and skills of an interior designer, whilst giving you complete control over your home design.

But how? We hear you say.

Interior Designer, Lisa Marconi, wanted to find a way to help more people create a home they loved then she could designing the traditional way, person to person.  She thought there had to be a way to do this! 

She consulted with experts in the tech and gaming industries and found a way to take:

 All that design knowledge from her years of designing

All those contacts in her little black book

All those tried and tested design methods 

And put them together in digital form using cutting edge 3d gaming and visualisation technology.

The result is Design Led.  A platform that lets you create a home a home that is uniquely yours, but professionally put together. 

It’s a little bit complicated to explain…why don’t you have a watch of our demo video and you’ll see how it’s all going to work. 😊

The first version of the platform will be ready in March and you’ll be able to design your living room using Design Led.   We’ll be developing out the rest of the platform throughout 2021 until you can design any room in your home using Design Led. 

If you want to be one of the first people to use Design Led, there are still a few spots left on our waiting list.  Just sign up below.